How can you nurture your playfulness? Here are a few ideas. Consider participating in new activities, pranks, and surprises. Try to understand your partner's love language and plan a surprise. In this article, you'll learn about the benefits of cultivating your playfulness in your relationship. Try these activities, and your relationship will be more exciting and fun! And remember to always reciprocate!

Participating In New Activities

Many people forget to say "I love you" anymore, but a little mush can help your relationship stay exciting. Make sure to tell your partner your feelings often. Try adventurous things to do in bed that will make your relationship exciting, such as volunteering at a soup kitchen or taking a Chinese cooking class. If you are not good at sports, try taking up a new hobby together. This will keep you busy and add quality time to your relationship.

Learning a new hobby together. Learning a new sport or language together will add excitement and a deep connection. Learning a new skill together will also stimulate each other's minds. You'll both be happy that you shared this passion. And you'll probably be able to have a lot of fun! As for learning new hobbies, picking up a new one can help make your relationship more exciting.

Participating In Pranks

One way to make your relationship more exciting is by participating in pranks on your partner. Although it might be fun to play a prank on your partner, keep in mind that it can be a lot more dangerous if it goes wrong. First of all, remember that a prank can be dangerous if it involves someone's physical safety or their home. Think about how your partner would react if the tables were turned.

If your partner works in an office building, it's an excellent idea to make fake lower legs for your boyfriend or girlfriend. These are made out of pants and shoes stuffed with towels. You can use them to make him or her laugh, or lead an uprising against bathroom squatters. The key is to choose pranks that aren't too offensive. This way, you'll keep your partner surprised and delighted.

Understanding Each Other's Love Language

It can be frustrating to be in a relationship where you are not feeling appreciated by your partner. A lack of understanding of your partner's love language can cause misunderstandings and frustration. It is important to realize that everyone has different ways of expressing their love, and learning each other's love language can help you understand each other better. Affirmation language is a great way to express your appreciation for each other. In contrast to appreciation, with affirmation, words are more important than actions.

In addition to improving communication, knowing your partner's love language can also enhance intimacy in relationship. By focusing on what they need, you can provide meaningful experiences for your partner. It can also help you resolve conflict and improve your romantic friendship. For instance, if you want to make your relationship more exciting, you should learn how to make your partner feel special. Learning your partner's love language will give you a more intimate insight into their feelings and what they need.

Planning a Surprise

A surprise is a wonderful way to show your partner how much you care. Men and women have different mating rituals, and men are much more likely to stay with a woman who is emotionally invested in them. The most romantic surprises come from the heart, so make sure you plan something thoughtful for your partner. Here are some tips for planning a surprise:

Create a paper treasure hunt. Plan a fun paper treasure hunt with clues that lead to a hidden prize. You can give your lover some delicious chocolates or a sweet note. You can also plan a massage session with essential oils to give your partner a special treat. For even more romantic gestures, use candles to light a candle while giving your boyfriend a gift. A framed picture can also be a great surprise for your partner.


If you want to keep your relationship fun and exciting, it’s important to make time for play. Playful relationships are associated with better communication, increased trust, and a stronger emotional connection. So how can you add more play into your relationship? Try something new together, spend time outdoors, or simply take some time to goof around and have some laughs. What will you do today to inject a little more play into your relationship?